New RhoLogic Smartphone App for CRM

Mark J

Updated · Apr 13, 2010

SugarCRM and SAP BusinessOne CRM software integrator, RhoLogic, has launched its new SugarCRM smartphone application. As noted in the company's news release on PR News Wire, the application was built using Rhodes, the industry's first open-source smartphone app framework for building native applications for every major device, including the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile, and Symbian.

“RhoLogic's SugarCRM mobile solution can be used by enterprises of all sizes and, being open source, is fully customizable to fit company and user requirements. It can be integrated into existing enterprise solutions allowing business users to view and interact with product and customer information in a way that is most relevant to them. Business users on the go can now access the same CRM information that they use from their desktop, on their smartphone, regardless of which type of device they use.

“Leveraging data sync capabilities is made easy through Rhomobile's RhoSync. Mobile workers can access CRM data via their smartphone even when offline. RhoSync's metadata framework supports applications with changing underlying schema, ensuring that the mobile CRM application can utilize all of the information exposed by the backend system, even when that data is changing. Any changes made to the CRM record structure on the desktop (e.g. additional fields) are reflected in the UI of the mobile app without changing the app itself.”

Read the News Release at PR News Wire

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