Niche Cloud Computing for Enterprise CRM Management

Mark J

Updated · Jun 07, 2010

Cloud computing lets businesses to cut back on hardware and space by having their software hosted in remote datacenters they access over the Web. As reported in this Reuters story, deep-pocketed technology firms like IBM or Oracle Corp might be looking to snag deals in this area to complement their own traditional, mostly on-premise services.

“Customer relationship management (CRM) software provider Inc (CRM.N), which helped pioneer software as a service and is one of the fastest-growing software stocks, might also be considered as a takeout target. However, its size and rich valuation might not make for an easily digestible deal.

“Since these companies deliver their software products over the Internet, it saves clients the cost of buying licenses in advance and running programs on their own computers.

“Currently, accounts for about half of overall web-based CRM software sales, according to the report.”

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