Nimble Set to Accelerate CRM Efforts with $9M Series A

Sean Michael

Updated · Mar 06, 2017

Though Salesforce has been very successful in the CRM market, it's certainly not the only successful CRM vendor. One of those vendors, Nimble, announced it has raised a $9M Series A round of funding to grow its CRM business.

The new round of funding was led by Imagen Capital Partners and included the participation of Mark Cuban's Radical Investments, Google Ventures, Indicator Ventures and a consortium of strategic angels led by Jason Calacanis, Howard Lindzon and Don Dodge.

“Today’s legacy CRMs are too complex and hard to use, and we end up spending more time maintaining data in our CRMs than letting our CRM platforms work for us,” Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble, said in a statement. “The resulting low-end user adoption is a significant cause of failure for CRMs.”

Nimble's platform includes relationship management, social media insights and sales and marketing capabilities.

CRM to Meet the Needs of Today's End Users

“At Nimble we’ve solved the end-user adoption issue and have built a CRM that end users love to use by seamlessly integrating with Office 365 and Google G Suite Emails, Contacts and Calendars, eliminating tedious data entry and automating repetitive tasks,” Ferrara explained. “Nimble lives where users work: in email, the browser, and on their mobile devices.”

The simplicity and ease-of-use promise that Nimble offers is one that attracted investors in the new Series A round of funding.

“People want a CRM that fits into their email and social-centric life to simplify the sales process and helps them close more deals,” Chris Barrow, Managing Director at Imagen Capital Partners, said in a statement. “With Nimble committing to being the best CRM inside Office 365 and Google G Suite, they have built a tool that salespeople fall in love with.”

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