Objectivity Launches Enterprise InfiniteGraph Beta Program

Mark J

Updated · May 27, 2010

Objectivity, Inc., has released its distributed graph database product for the enterprise, InfiniteGraph, in beta. According to the company, the InfiniteGraph distributed database technology and developer application programming interface (API) were created to help organizations obtain real-time answers from deep analysis of complex, multi-dimensional relationships that live within their mission-critical data.

“InfiniteGraph's database and API has been designed to make it easy for developers to exceed the highest level of graph computing requirements and to future-proof applications that may need to scale significantly in search of billions of connections and relationships in massive volumes of complex data. Traditional database systems often require months of extra development, resource intensive customized code, and costly middleware layers to try and store and find connections in their disparate data systems. In comparison, InfiniteGraph represents the next-generation of graph database technology that provides developers with the tools to support the ultimate combination of simplicity and scalability, enabling organizations to find, store and exploit the relationships hidden in their data at any time.”

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