Oco Upgrades its Business Intelligence SaaS

Mark J

Updated · May 27, 2010

Oco, Inc., has announced announced a major upgrade to its enterprise-class Software-as-a-Service business intelligence (SaaS BI) solution. In the company's product news announcement, it listed several new features in SaaS BI 4.0, including SAP data integration, enhanced global deployment, and enterprise SaaS BI mash-up support.

“One of the major enhancements in Oco 4.0 is the introduction of the Oco Data Exporter for SAP, making Oco the first to tackle the challenges of integrating SAP data into a SaaS BI solution. Patented technology enables the Oco Data Exporter for SAP to explore and extract the trusted original data from SAP ERP and SAP CRM instances—even those that have been highly customized—and transport it into the Oco cloud-based analytical data store for on-demand BI reporting and analysis. The Oco Data Exporter for SAP works in a manner that is compliant with SAP customers' network and application security policies: It is read-only, and pushes data outbound to Oco, protecting it with strong encryption. No inbound network paths are required.”

Read the Full Product News Release at Oco-inc.com

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