Onyx and Avanade Buy a House

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Updated · Oct 26, 2001

Early adopters of the Microsoft® .NET My Services program, Onyx® Software Corporation and technology integrator Avanade, will collaborate on a number of .NET initiatives and have already completed work on a joint CRM technology prototype.

Based on the Microsoft® Passport user authentication system, Microsoft .NET My Services permits applications and services to cooperate for the user's benefit, as well as allowing users, groups, and organizations to share and collaborate. .NET technologies and architecture makes it possible for applications, devices and services to work together and it makes user consent the basis for information accessibility and usage.

The partnership between Onyx and Avanade enabled the demonstration of how the Onyx CRM platform can work with .NET technology, allowing companies to profitably acquire and retain customers, build brand loyalty and continually enhance the kind of experience the discerning customer demands as part of an ongoing service relationship.

Bob Muglia, group vice president of personal services for Microsoft Corp, said of the collaboration, “Together with Avanade, Onyx has developed a striking example of how .NET and CRM technology can work together, enabling deeper customer relationships through enhanced Web service offerings.”

The alliance resulted in the development of a prototype that centers on a new home buying experience and enhances it through the smooth and complete flow of information among all parties, devices and applications:

  • New home shoppers log on to the Onyx Customer Portal-powered Web site and all of their pertinent contact information from their .NET My Services profile is entered into the site with just one click.
  • The builder's call center automatically receives the information via the Onyx Employee Portal, capturing the customer information.
  • A representative at the call center uses Onyx's Employee Portal to view customer and real estate broker schedules to coordinate meetings. With .NET My Services, both are notified through their preferred channel — cell phone, e-mail, etc. — and .NET My Services adds the meeting to their calendars.
  • The Onyx Employee Portal also adds all of the relevant contacts in the system for the rest of the real estate transaction, such as home improvement services and local schools.

“This prototype showcases the power of .NET My Services working with the Onyx CRM Platform, and Avanade's participation in it is a key piece of how we're moving forward with .NET,” said Eben Frankenberg, Onyx Software executive vice president. “Avanade's expertise in .NET development was crucial to our ability to blend our technologies into a concrete manifestation of what CRM is really supposed to do for our customers.”

Bellevue, Wash.-based Onyx is developing a .NET CRM platform, designed to take full advantage of the potential Web services and Microsoft .NET technology. Onyx has built its data-driven n-tier Internet-native architecture on XML to enable its customers to fully capitalize on Microsoft .NET initiatives now and in the future. Global customers utilizing Onyx's CRM solutions include American Express, Broadwing, Commerce One, Credit Suisse, Dreyfus, FirstWorld Communications, Portland Trail Blazers, Prudential Investments and The Regence Group.

Avanade is a Premier Partner of Onyx and was founded in April 2000 as a joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture to leverage the Microsoft platform and deliver enterprise technology solutions. Avanade has 17 offices in 11 countries, servicing Global 2000 companies.

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