Open Source Data Mining Software Considerations

Mark J

Updated · Nov 17, 2010

Jos van Dongen, an associate and principal at business intelligence (BI) consultancy DeltIQ Group recommends that businesses should not deploy open source software for data mining just because it is generally cheaper. Also noted in this Computer World UK report is that companies should evaluate open source software as they would any software, open source or proprietary.

“‘It doesn’t matter if the software is free if it takes longer to build, manage and deploy solutions to end users, or if it is unstable, or missing key features. Don’t select just because it is open source,’ he said.

“Van Dongen compared the different benefits of WEKA KnowledgeFlow, an open source tool, and proprietary software SPSS Modeler from IBM, to illustrate his point.

“While WEKA is free, extendable and embeddable, and covers more than 95 percent of data mining, van Dongen recognised that SPSS had certain advantages over it.”

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