Open Source Repository Boasts 2,000 Applications

Mark J

Updated · Feb 16, 2010

The resource now connects to 2,000 applications, ranging from an office template solution to to geospatial analysis software.

The EU Open Source Observatory and Repository (OSOR) now offers more than 2,000 applications.

"OSOR, which became operational in October 2008, promotes the sharing of open-source information, experiences and code for use by EU public-sector bodies," writes ZDNet's Tom Espiner. "Not all the applications are hosted on OSOR. The site provides links to the applications on 10 similar software-development sites from national and regional public administrations around Europe."

"The three most popular projects that are hosted on OSOR itself are geospatial analysis software called Sextante; Wollmux, which adds office template functionality to OpenOffice; and GvSig, which is software to manage, analyze and use geographic information," Espiner writes.

Click on the following to read the ZDNet article: Open-source repository hits 2,000 apps


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