Oracle Launches Development Center In China Staff

Updated · Mar 27, 2002

Oracle Corp. has launched its first development center in China, known as the Oracle China Development Center. It is believed that this is the only enterprise software center in Asia that will serve as a development facility created specifically to meet the needs of the rapidly growing China market.

Strategically located in the Shenzhen High-Tech Industrial Park, the development center is expected to be operational by May 2002 and will employ 100 staff within the first six months of operation. Over the following five years, Oracle plans to intensify its expansion in China by rapidly growing the center's team.

“As China embraces globalization and opens its market to global competition, Oracle will help businesses adapt appropriately to achieve growth and return-on-investment by creating software solutions and services that cater to the unique needs of local enterprises. In fact, these local enterprises have already indicated to us that they are keen to achieve e-business transformation, while reducing cost and complexity,” said Derek Williams, executive vice-president, Oracle Corp., Asia Pacific Division.

“To that end, we will develop Internet-based products and services specifically for our Chinese customers, which will allow them to quickly deploy cutting-edge technology and at the same time, lower their operational costs by leveraging Oracle's online services.”

The Oracle China Development Center will comprise five major focus areas, including project development, laboratories, a product knowledge center, a customer center, and development services.

Project development will focus on enhancing Oracle's China-specific services and expanding ability to implement large, complex national projects. The laboratories will concentrate on acceleration of technology adoption rate and providing excellent showcase for solutions jointly developed with Oracle's partners.

On the other hand, the product knowledge center and connected customer center will focus on a fully-featured infrastructure for knowledge transfer and enhanced customer service offerings while development services will emphasize on rapid porting, certification, testing, localization and language translation of Oracle's products.

To support China's nationwide mobile network expansion, Oracle has also commenced work on a mobile commerce infrastructure and plans to establish a validation laboratory for 3G.

The organization will develop parts of the Oracle9i AS mobile applications studio at the Oracle China Development Center, and will set up laboratories to validate mobile devices that are specifically produced for the China market.

A special team will also be created at the center to focus on scalability needs of the telecom network infrastructure in China, with a complete test-to-scale facility.

Oracle will work closely with network equipment manufacturers and national operators, assisting them in employing advanced features of the database such as Real Application Clusters to support what experts expect to be the largest mobile network in the world.

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