Oracle Updates Apps for Next Gen Cloud

Sean Michael

Updated · Sep 20, 2016

Oracle is aiming to grow its applications business in the cloud, with announcements — lots of them — made this week at the company's OpenWorld event in San Francisco, including its launch of portfolio of cloud-based applications called Adaptive Intelligent Applications.

“Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Applications leverage anonymized information from our extensive Data Cloud to optimize existing cloud application functionality,” Steve Miranda, executive vice president of applications development at Oracle, said in a statement. “When this is combined with a company’s own data, we are able to provide unparalleled customized insights to help enhance business performance.”

Oracle also announced a new Oracle Engagement Cloud, which is being positioned as a competitor. The Oracle Engagement Cloud integrates both sales automation and service management into a single cloud software-as-a-service offering.

For chief financial officers, Oracle is launching its Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud, which is intended to help organize and report financial metrics. Also on the finance side is the new Oracle Revenue Management Cloud that helps accounting staff manage corporate revenue reporting and management tasks.

Oracle is taking direct aim at Workday with an update to its Human Capital Management Cloud that now integrates with health care solutions to help organizations with benefits. The Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud is also being updated, with an integration to the new Oracle Internet of Things Cloud.

This week Oracle is also officially launching its MySQL Cloud Service, bringing the open source-based database to Oracle's cloud.

OpenWorld is also an opportunity for Oracle to continue its embrace of the emerging market for Docker containers. Updates to the Oracle Container Cloud Service now make it easier to deploy, run and manage containers on Oracle's cloud service. Going a step further, Oracle is also making pre-built containerized images for its applications, in a bid to help accelerate container deployment.

For application developers, Oracle's new Project Visual Code is a new cloud platform to enable rapid development of cloud applications.

“Project Visual Code introduces an effective way for business users to innovate in tandem with IT,” Bill Pataky, vice president of product management for tools and frameworks at Oracle, said in a statement. “It enables business users to extend and enrich off-the-shelf applications and build new solutions that can increase business efficiency and drive better results.”

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