Oracle Updates Web Based CRM Software Staff

Updated · Apr 01, 2010

Oracle has introduced Oracle CRM On Demand Release 17, the latest version of its CRM software.

"The updated product will… allow Oracle customers to perform product as well as revenue forecasting," writes's Rosalie Marshall. "This will allow sales staff to see how many products they need to sell to meet targets."

"Oracle has also added usability enhancements, such as a redesigned user interface that allows sales teams to resize it to their preference, better manage lists and customized field labels in the Mobile Sales Assistant," Marshall writes.

"The new Oracle CRM On Demand Release 17 will help customers gain more actionable insight, increase sales productivity and achieve cost savings, and showcases how Oracle solves organizations' essential requirements to advance business opportunities and results," says company president Charles Phillips.

Click on the following to read the article: Oracle Unveils CRM On Demand Release 17

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