OrcaEyes Adds Workforce Business Intelligence

Mark J

Updated · Sep 30, 2010

OrcaEyes has announced the addition of SonarVision On Demand to its workforce planning and analytics suite. As mentioned in the company's news release, SonarVision On Demand is a workforce planning and intelligence solution designed to provide HR and business leaders with actionable workforce insights facilitated by a simple data upload.

“OrcaEyes' SonarVision solution is unique in that it is the only solution to measurably correlate Human Capital drivers to core business opportunities and risks. The company's latest release, SonarVision On Demand, is a disruptive technology aimed at businesses with 100 to 100,000+ employees that analyzes uploaded employee data and then provides users with a workforce planning report detailing the organization's workforce health in four categories: Operational, Financial, Aging Demographics and Diversity. The analytics reflected in the report are derived from the company's enterprise solution and consulting engagements, and were targeted for the On Demand product because each one has a direct link to the client organization's human capital risk management profile.”

Read the Full News Release at OrcaEyes.com

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