Panorama Necto Puts Social Media Into Enterprise BI Applications

Mark J

Updated · Mar 23, 2011

Business Intelligence (BI) solution provider, Panorama Software, has announced today the availability of its newest product, Panorama Necto, a new socially-enabled BI solution. As reported by the company on PR Newswire, Panorama Necto is a new way to connect data, insights, and people in the organization. It enables business knowledge sharing among different users and across corporate units based on a business-oriented social platform.

“Companies increasingly focus on how to enable business users to make better real-time decisions as quickly as possible. While many solutions offer collaboration on documents, they do not provide a true knowledge sharing environment that is both tied into actual analytical data and is suggestive by nature. Panorama Necto enables social interaction for any specific report, KPI, chart, all the way to a single data cell.

“Panorama Necto tracks an individual user’s interests, and intelligently suggests other networked users who are pursuing similar business goals. It also indicates who the users are that are relevant to the task at hand. As discussion between these two (or more) previously unconnected users grows, the system records and organizes their work to allow it to be retrieved in the future. The meta-data created in this process is tied to the Business Intelligence data that triggered the building of such insight, and aids workers across all levels in their decision making and planning.”

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