PeopleSoft Scores $10 Million IRS Contract Staff

Updated · Aug 24, 2001

PeopleSoft Thursday says it has signed a a $10 million customer-relationship-management software contract with the Internal Revenue Service.

The IRS says it is licensing the Pleasanton, Calif.-based company's CRM platform, PeopleSoft 8, to help upgrade its 35-year-old computer system.

As part of the contract, the IRS says it will be using PeopleSoft CRM Marketing, CRM Support, CRM Sales, CRM Help Desk, CRM FieldService, and CRM Interaction Management, as well as PeopleSoft's analytics tools.

PeopleSoft has landed contracts with the U.S. Government before. Recently, the Department of Defense signed a long-term contract to have PeopleSoft help it keep tabs on some 3.1 million military personnel located around the world. But, the IRS is something altogether different because it will help certified tax preparers and consumers as well.

“It's important to note the application of CRM in the public sector to bring higher levels of efficiencies and service to taxpayers and third parties like H&R Block,” says Robb Eklund, VP of product marketing for CRM at PeopleSoft.

The IRS says the first PeopleSoft 8 enhanced online services should start by summer 2002.

The technology upgrades are a part of congress' Business Systems Modernization Program. The IRS received $506 million, last year and $432 million this year to improve its business systems after a customer service review of the tax bureau in 1999.

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