PeopleSoft Ships CRM Analytics Staff

Updated · Jan 10, 2001

PLEASANTON, CA–PeopleSoft Inc., a eBusiness application provider, has announced the on-time
delivery of PeopleSoft Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Analytics, a pure internet suite of
applications that the company says enables businesses to measure the effectiveness of sales,
marketing, and customer support activities.

PeopleSoft says the CRM Analytics suite includes PeopleSoft Sales Activity Insight, Marketing
Insight, Support Insight, Profitability Insight, and Customer Scorecard. These applications, they
say, integrate data to give companies insight into the performance of their sales, marketing, and
service programs.

“From a competitive standpoint, effective utilization of resources to attract and service customers
is key,” said Sam Clark, Program Director with META Group, Inc.’s Application Delivery Strategies.
“Analytic applications, such as PeopleSoft’s CRM Analytics, provide a good way for companies to
focus on the key indicators of CRM performance.”

“Companies recognize that measuring their customers’ activities is critical to long-term success,”
said Chuck Teller, vice president and general manager for PeopleSoft’s Enterprise Performance
Management division. “PeopleSoft CRM Analytics enables them to increase customer satisfaction and
retention, and improve their own profitability.”

PeopleSoft says CRM Analytics applications can be implemented as stand-alone modules or as part
of the PeopleSoft CRM eBusiness suite. The applications include:

  • PeopleSoft Marketing Insight — Measures the performance of
    marketing campaigns and activities based on leads generated
    and qualified and the profiles of respondents.

  • Sales Activity Insight — Assesses the effectiveness of sales
    activities based on such criteria as pipeline status,
    forecasting accuracy, discount analysis, cycle time and
    fallout analysis.

  • Support Insight — Evaluates customer service activities by
    providing information on product quality, call and caseload
    trends, and performance to service level agreements.

  • Customer Scorecard — Offers key performance indicators for
    measuring the effectiveness of CRM activities in achieving
    customer satisfaction goals.

  • Profitability Insight — Identifies customer trends and
    performs comparisons to track costs, profit and value to
    determine the best, not biggest, customers.

According to PeopleSoft, CRM Analytics applications began shipping in December 2000.

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