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Updated · Oct 24, 2001

Monitoring web-site performance and reducing the number of transaction failures is made ostensibly easy by a new tool.

E-tailers often struggle to accurately gauge online transactions or to respond immediately to system problems. Such potential hiccups can, however, if left unattended easily drive e-customers elsewhere. Supervising site performance is therefore mission critical in driving successful e-commerce – invariably this implies putting the right solution into practice.

Apart from resolving the difficulties of keeping the system in check, some software goes even further. Recovery software from Rainfinity is one case in point – not only does it undertake to monitor foibles in the system, but it apparently also comes up with instant panaceas to keep customers happy.

Checking for shopping cart failures, Web server failures and database errors, Rainfinity's RainAssure keeps an eye out for faults that can impinge on a site's overall performance. Sitting behind the firewall, the app monitors all transactions passing through the system, identifying failures or interruptions and searching for an alternative route to ensure that all transactions are completed.

Apparently, the app also acts as an invaluable CRM agent, informing the customer whose transaction has been interrupted of the problem and offering compensation (such as a discount voucher). “Aside from its monitoring duties, RainAssure also offers customers information about the status of their transaction, rather than leaving them to manage the problem themselves, which could lead to them going elsewhere,” explained Rowland.

The app, which automatically takes a copy of each transaction and compares it with a known good model to check if it has been successful, can apparently monitor any volume of transactions. Should users wish to the software to deal with larger transaction loads they can simply increase the number of nodes in the cluster, stated Rowland.

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