Persistent Systems Rolls out Analytics Software Optimized for IBM Big Data Platform

Ann All

Updated · Feb 16, 2012

Persistent Systems , a provider of outsourced software product development services and an IBM Business Partner, is releasing strategic solutions for email analytics and social media analytics. Both solutions run on top of IBM’s InfoSphere BigInsights, a platform that leverages the open source Apache Hadoop framework to manage large volumes of structured and unstructured data.

The BgInsights platform is the result of a four-year effort of more than 200 IBM Research scientists. It provides a framework for large-scale parallel processing and scalable storage for terabyte to petabyte-level data. It also incorporates technologies such as unstructured text analytics and indexing so users can analyze rapidly changing data formats and types on the fly.

According to a news release, the company has invested in algorithms, data-connectors and solutions that aim to accelerate the time to deliver business results on IBM’s BigInsights platform.

“Persistent System’s solutions for IBM BigInsights help customers unlock the value of their most important asset, their data. We firmly believe that IBM BigInsights will be a platform of choice for many Fortune 1,000 enterprises,” said Hari Haran, president of Persistent Systems.

Persistent Systems’ email analytics solution helps companies determine where employees spend their time and helps employees better manage their time by analyzing email content. The solution uses a MAPI-based connector to extract email content from a company’s email server and IBM’s BigInsights platform to parse and analyze the extracted email content. Results are stored in the Hive data warehouse system for Hadoop and can be incrementally loaded to an external OLAP solution, so companies can generate reports, alerts and dashboards based on the data.

The company’s social media analytics solution uses social media APIs to tap into large volumes of social media data and filter out useful insights.  A high throughput connector collects the data, then the data is analyzed using BigInsights technologies (System T and JAQL) and visualized using the Big Sheets visualization tool.  The data can also be accessed through Hive or loaded to an external data warehouse solution for access using business intelligence tools.

To learn how companies can derive benefits from the Big Data platform, join an hour-long webinar presented by Persistent Systems and IBM, Big Data on BigInsights, at 1 p.m. ET on Feb. 23.

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