Pitney Bowes Business Insight Releases Crime Profiler

Mark J

Updated · Aug 03, 2010

Pitney Bowes Business Insight has released MapInfo Crime Profiler, a solution for real-time identification and analysis of crime patterns and trends. As stated by the company in this Business Wire product news release, MapInfo Crime Profiler equips law enforcement professionals with the mission-critical abilities to quickly identify crime problems, evaluate operations and formulate crime prevention strategies.

“A new module for Pitney Bowes Business Insight’s MapInfo Professional v10.5, MapInfo Crime Profiler solution is accessible from the software’s main menu bar and provides the user with a wide range of crime analysis tools. Its core functions include hotspot analysis, interactive analytical investigation and temporal analysis. The solution’s highly visual and interactive charting and graphing capabilities enable law enforcement agencies to clearly map and analyze crime patterns in order to make more informed crime analysis and enforcement decisions.

“Crime Profiler solution automates much of the statistical legwork behind crime analysis with new data combinations and overlays, and advanced visualization capabilities and analysis techniques, allowing agencies to efficiently evaluate operations and formulate crime prevention strategies. For example, law enforcement organizations can locate crime hot spots and uncover fraudulent activity clustered around a specific location, such as connected residences, non-existent business addresses and altered ATMs.”

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