PivotLink Launches Self-Service Business Intelligence Apps

eCRMGuide.com Staff

Updated · Mar 18, 2010

PivotLink has introduced the ReadiMetrix suite of on-demand business intelligence apps for sales, marketing and human resources.

"According to PivotLink CEO Quentin Gallivan, ReadiMetrix applications are designed to allow specific types of business users to begin working with a business intelligence application that is tailored for their specific job function the minute they log into the service," writes CTO Edge’s Mike Vizard. "For example, the sales application comes with built-in connectors to Salesforce.com."

"Gallivan said that the issue most end users have with business intelligence applications is that it takes too much effort to customize the application enough to make it useful for them," Vizard writes. "Each application comes with a series of key performance indicators (KPIs) that users can add to as they use and learn the application. In addition, PivotLink is setting up an online exchange through which users will be able to share KPIs."

"ReadiMetrix is an entirely new way to think about BI applications," PivotLink’s Gallivan says. "The old era of bloated BI projects has been replaced by the new SaaS era of quick BI wins for the business users. Empowering business users with self-service metrics instead of waiting in a long queue for analytical reports lifts a huge burden off IT and delivers on the original vision of pervasive BI."

Pricing for ReadiMetrix starts at $12,000 per year.

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