Planet Technologies Launches New Maps App for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Mark J

Updated · Jan 24, 2011

Planet Technologies has launched Maps for Microsoft CRM 2011. As noted in the release on, this free, downloadable application integrates Bing Maps API with Silverlight and CRM 2011 to create mapping visuals for users of CRM 2011 Online/On-Premise. This integration service allows users to add address information currently to any cases within their CRM solution, and display those on a Silverlight Bing Map via the CRM Dashboard.

“Planet’s first application, Project Management for CRM 2011, was launched in early January and has quickly become Dynamics Marketplace’s most popular CRM download. Project Management for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 allows users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to track and manage projects and activities associated with their existing CRM customer base. Projects can be associated with any CRM account or contact and will fit directly into any organization’s CRM structure. The application is 100% customizable, and allows users to fully map project management to their specific needs. The free download is available here.”

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