Planning a Business Intelligence Software Strategy

Mark J

Updated · Jun 24, 2010

According to Datamation, a shift in strategic business thinking in the United States, according to analysis of senior business executives, will drive use of Business Intelligence Software in at least five ways unfamiliar to most organizations. Also noted in the report is that the companies most focused on new business models are even more likely to invest in business intelligence and analytics tools.

“Based on my research, here are the five tasks to be done by BI and analytics tools that may be outside of your current portfolio of tricks:

“Identifying lots of new opportunities based on analyzing unstructured data from your company’s help desk emails and web site page traffic patterns, as well as from external sources such as Facebook postings and tweets. ‘That’s the holy grail for business intelligence software—finding the areas of growth and potential,’ notes Michael Tejedor, a senior product manager at Microsoft and a BI maven. ‘Identifying activities that will yield the highest benefit is what analytics are all about, especially high-end predictive analytics.'”

Read the Full “Business Intelligence Software and Post-Crash Strategy” Story at Datamation

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