Planning the Customer Experience

Mark J

Updated · May 26, 2010

Engineering customer experience is building strategic internal relationships a company will be able to draw on. This MSPmentor article suggests the process includes necessary aspects including product design, technical support, and marketing—but your efforts shouldn't stop there.

“Most companies understand that providing an outstanding customer experience builds customer loyalty and ultimately grows business. Some of the aspects that are part of building the customer experience include product design, technical support, and marketing. But your efforts shouldn't stop there.

“Many employees, managers, and even CEOs don't realize that a collaborative environment in which each person keeps in mind the end goal (i.e., the success and happiness of the client) not only fosters a pleasant working environment, but creates the conditions for providing the best customer experience possible. Client-facing employees are just the last link in the chain that connects all the employees at a company to the client.”

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