Pravega Announces Free Integrated CRM and Email Marketing Product

Mark J

Updated · Jul 26, 2010

The first free integrated CRM and e-mail marketing product for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) has been introduced into the market. vegaPort by Pravega Inc. delivers integrated CRM and email marketing, and by offering it for free, Pravega is challenging the standard industry pricing models.

“With vegaPort, Pravega is transforming the software-as-a-service (SaaS) business model. SaaS companies have traditionally spent $300 to $3000 on marketing to acquire a single customer. They then would charge those expenses back to the customer in the form of large subscription fees. Pravega gives its software away for free and fore goes expensive marketing. It's a business model that translates to massive savings for SMBs in these tough and uncertain times. Now it is forcing other SMB software vendors to reconsider their pricing models.

“vegaPort now competes with other top web-based CRM systems. Companies with more than 10 employees can save more than $1,000 a year using vegaPort versus competing systems. vegaPort also challenges top e-mail marketing services, most of which cost hundreds of dollars annually. Pravega estimates that more than 500,000 SMBs use expensive products from competing providers. Now vegaPort delivers the same benefits for free by combining the best of CRM and e-mail marketing into a single application that is customized to the specific needs of SMB users.”

Read the Full News Release at PR Newswire

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