Pravega Upgrades Its Free CRM App

Mark J

Updated · Sep 10, 2010

Pravega Inc. has announced new upgrades to its free Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Email Marketing application, vegaPort. As noted in this PR Web news release, the company has added many features to meet the requirements of advanced sales and marketing users. Also, Pravega announced that it now has over 1000 companies using the free CRM system.

“New features have been added to the system based on user feedback as well as strategic relevance. This includes sophisticated access controls so companies can limit access to various modules based on employee roles. Email dropbox feature that allows seamless email-to-CRM integration so that users can link all email interactions with contacts back into the CRM. A powerful segmentation feature that allows users to sort and create new lists from their subscriber base using a large set of parameters and flexible criteria. As well as Google contacts integration that allows users' to import all their contacts from Gmail into vegaPort CRM. And finally a complete spam and rendering testing capability that allows marketers to test their emails before sending them out. All these upgrades give users considerably more power in managing their customer interactions and driving sales and marketing programs efficiently.”

Read the Full News Release at PR Web

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