Primus to Acquire AnswerLogic

Roy Mark

Updated · May 21, 2001

Customer relations management (CRM) software developer Primus , is acquiring AnswerLogic, a Washington, D.C.-based software development company, for 750,000 shares of common stock. Primus’ stock price closed at $4.07 a share Friday afternoon and was unchanged in early Monday morning trading.

AnswerLogic’s natural language processing (NLP) technology interprets the meaning of questions and online documents to deliver responses online. Their AE1 answer engine is designed for corporations who want their Web sites to function as the first line of customer interaction, and the solution also includes feedback and reporting capabilities.

The addition of AnswerLogic’s technology further enhances the Seattle, Wash.-based Primus’ search and retrieval capabilities in the areas of unstructured data, document-based repositories, and formats including HTML and PDF.

“AnswerLogic’s technology is a natural extension and ideal complement to Primus’ products,” said Lou Pugliese, AnswerLogic’s chief executive officer. “Combining both product lines, significantly expands the market reach for natural language processing technology and it will bring notable value to Primus’ assisted and Web-based service solutions.”

Primus eServer software is used in service, support and sales environments to improve and expand product usage, provide problem diagnosis and resolution, and to create, capture and share data between multiple channels and divisions. Primus eSupport is self-service problem resolution software designed to provide quick access to relevant solutions and easy escalation, while capturing customer query and problem descriptions for analysis purposes.

Primus Interchange 4.0 leverages Primus’ associative search technology to deliver immediate responses to customer email, around-the-clock.

“Our customers have had great success using the Primus product suite to bring measurable efficiencies to their customer service and support efforts and have asked us to extend the power of our technology to content residing across their organization,” said Mike Brochu, president and chief executive officer of Primus. “Some key features of AnswerLogic’s technology will allow customers to further automate the process of getting content into their knowledge base and to access more content enterprise wide. This technology will allow us to address our customers’ needs by significantly expanding our powerful knowledge management capabilities and will provide a more rapid ROI.”

Primus has more than 180 customers worldwide, including such industry leaders as 3Com, 3M, The Boeing Company, Compaq Computer Corp., Ericsson, Inc., Fujitsu Limited, Inc., Genuity, Motorola and Novell.

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