Pronto Furthers BI for Everyone Mission with Xi 710

Pedro Hernandez

Updated · May 28, 2013

Pronto, an Australian enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business intelligence (BI) specialist, today unveiled the latest edition of its Pronto Xi software. Pronto Xi 710 forms the foundation of the company's blended ERP and BI approach to enterprise software.

The company made a splash in June 2011 when it unveiled Pronto-Xi Dimensions. The product integrated Pronto's ERP software with IBM Cognos BI and analytics technology for an out-of-the-box solution that enabled mid-market organizations to manage and analyze large volumes of data and ultimately leverage real-time analytics capabilities to further their business goals.

Now, the company is advancing the platform's mobile capabilities. New in this release are features that build on the company's “business intelligence for everyone, everywhere” mantra for the product. They include more built-in reporting tools that deliver real-time stats and insight pertaining to an organization's business operations.

As is quickly becoming the norm, Pronto Xi's support for mobile devices has broadened. Smartphone and tablet users can now more readily view and consume information generated by Pronto Xi Business Intelligence.

Microsoft environments can exploit the software's reporting capabilities directly within their Office suite via Word, PowerPoint and Excel. New multiple currency reporting capabilities, including Functional Currency, are aimed at companies that are doing business internationally or expanding past their home shores. Store allocations, group trading, wholesale and retail promotion features strengthen the “retail value chain,” according to the company.

Finally, statistical forecasting and wave picking features help “enable much more strategic planning to supply and support the changing demands” of distribution and supply chain operations.

All told, Pronto Xi 710 represents a feedback-driven step toward fulfilling the promise of the company's take on ERP and BI, according to Pronto's managing director David Jackman. “By listening to requests from our customers and partners around the world, Pronto has adapted its business management software with hundreds of improvements to deliver more, better and faster access to the information that reveals the critical insights required to improve business performance,” he boasted in company remarks.

Pronto Xi 710 sets the stage for widespread BI, regardless of a worker's position in an org chart, he added. “Pronto Xi presents this information in a way that is both meaningful and actionable at all levels in a business, from the CEO to the marketing team, and from the head of product development to the warehouse manager.”

Pedro Hernandez is a contributing editor at Enterprise Apps Today and Follow him on Twitter @ecoINSITE.

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