Rapid Insight Upgrades its Business Intelligence Software

Mark J

Updated · Aug 10, 2010

Rapid Insight has announced a major upgrade to its business intelligence software product, Veera has been released. According to the company in this product release statement, the upgrade further enhances the business intelligence toolkit available to customers and strengthens their ability to create reports, perform ad hoc analysis, and create analytic processes.

“Powered by Rapid Insight Dataflo3G technology, Veera’s drag-and-drop analytic process builder enables users of all abilities to quickly produce reports and create analytic datasets by merging, aggregating, cleansing, and transforming data from formats as disparate as Excel, Access, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and text. Data and reporting requirements are constantly changing. Veera makes it easy for non-programmers to quickly change yesterday’s processes to meet tomorrow’s needs – all without fear of corrupting the original data.

“‘Veera is evolving based on constant feedback and collaboration with our customers,’ says Michael Laracy, President and CEO of Rapid Insight Inc. ‘This unique partnership is allowing our users to set the prioritization of enhancements and to drive the direction of the product.'”

Read the Full Product Release Statement at Rapidinsightinc.com

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