Really Simple Systems Free CRM Announces 1000 Users

Mark J

Updated · Dec 20, 2010

UK-based vendor Really Simple Systems has recently announced that more than 1,000 users have signed up for Really Simple Systems Free Edition, the company’s free cloud customer relationship management (CRM) offering. As mentioned in this news release on PR Wire, Really Simple Systems Hosted CRM is aimed at small and medium sized organizations with between 5 and 200 people who want a straightforward web-based CRM sales, marketing and support system.

“Launched in October this year, Really Simple Systems Free Edition is a two-user, hosted, free CRM system that covers the complete sales process from account and contact management through to sales forecasting and reporting via web-based CRM.

“John Paterson, CEO, Really Simple Systems, comments, ‘Our target when the Free Edition was launched was 10,000 new users in the first year and we look well on our way to achieving this. Really Simple Systems Free Edition is a great way for small companies, that have been put off CRM system either by costs or complexity, to get ready for the upturn, offer better service to their customers and to convert more prospects.'”

Read the Full Press Release at PR Wire

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