Research Report: Software-as-a-Service Business Intelligence

Mark J

Updated · Sep 09, 2010

Recent research by Aberdeen Group on the use of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business intelligence indicated that organizations are 50 percent more likely to have self-service BI users than organizations that use conventional BI deployment approaches. As mentioned in this Market Watch news release, the research showed that companies using SaaS BI are almost twice as likely as other organizations to have the ability to create dashboards without programming.

“‘SaaS BI fosters self-service in many ways. It provides increased ability to automate the generation and distribution of reports, drill-down capabilities and the creation of automated alerts,’ said David White, senior research analyst, Aberdeen Group. ‘It’s also clear that Software-as-a-Service is finding favor with new user populations. Smaller organizations that need a step up from the humble spreadsheet and larger organizations that need to provide BI to under served employees are both driving adoption.'”

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