Review: “Call to Action” – Converting Searchers to Buyers

Chris Sherman

Updated · May 18, 2005


Although the book focuses on some novel, industrial-strength approaches to online merchandising, it’s also packed with practical tips gained from years of experience actually developing Web sites using the techniques described. How do you create the most compelling content for your site? Have you considered basic usability factors such as layout and color, which can have subtle but often very powerful effects on user behavior?

I found the suggestions for site design and architecture particularly valuable. The book outlines an approach to site development that’s both sensible and efficient. If you struggle with containing costs or sticking to schedule in your site development efforts, this part of the book alone is worth the price.

The book also offers one of the best overviews of the increasingly important subject of Web analytics. These tools have been virtually indispensable to search marketers, providing insight into their increasingly complex campaigns.

I also found the numerous “conversion tips,” sidebars contributed by other experts in search marketing, usability, online marketing and other areas, to be valuable. These nuggets of wisdom, contributed by luminaries like Jared Spool, Jim Sterne, Anne Holland and others are a pleasing bonus, icing on the cake of this excellent book.

If you ever get the chance to see Bryan or Jeffrey Eisenberg present on a panel at SES or other conferences, don’t pass it up. Meanwhile, plunk down the $13.95 it’ll cost you to get Call to Action. Applying just one or two of the techniques outlined in the book may return your investment many times over.

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