Revolution Analytics Introduces Big Data Analysis

Mark J

Updated · Aug 04, 2010

Revolution Analytics has announced ‘Big Data' analysis to its Revolution R Enterprise software, taking the popular R statistics language to unprecedented new levels of capacity and performance for analyzing very large data sets. As stated in this Business Wire news release, for the first time, R users will be able to process, visualize and model terabyte-class data sets in a fraction of the time of legacy products—without employing expensive or specialized hardware.

“‘The R language's inherent power and extensibility has driven its explosive adoption as the modern system for predictive analytics,' said Norman H. Nie, president and CEO of Revolution Analytics. ‘We believe that this new Big Data scalability will help R transition from an amazing research and prototyping tool to a production-ready platform for enterprise applications such as quantitative finance and risk management, social media, bioinformatics and telecommunications data analysis.'

“The new RevoScaleR package will be delivered as part of Revolution R Enterprise 4.0, which will be available for 32-and 64-bit Microsoft Windows in the next 30 days. Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL 5) is planned for later this year.”

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