Ridgid Develops Blackberry CRM App

Mark J

Updated · Apr 28, 2010

According to this Computer Weekly report, Ridgid, a division of the Emerson manufacturing group says it has developed a new Blackberry-based customer relationship management system. Called RidgidConnect, the
company says the new application is for professionals such as plumbers, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) technicians and facilities managers to store job site photos and videos, job reports and histories, maintenance records, customer lists, and other files needed for record keeping.

“The application combines cached information with customer account information that is pushed to salespeople as well as pulled by them when they make sales calls.

“Cached information is information that changes little but used often, such as addresses contact people. Pushed information includes, for example, details about open sales leads and other customers in the vicinity, while pulled information includes data on customer credit limits, last orders and so on, Daw said.”

Read the Full Story at Computer Weekly

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