RightNow Acquires Q-go Natural Language Search

Mark J

Updated · Jan 20, 2011

Customer relationship management (CRM) vendor RightNow has agreed to buy Q-go.com, a vendor of natural language-based search software, for US$34 million in cash the companies recently announced. Also reported in this PC World news article is that RightNow plans to add the search capabilities to its CX Web CRM (customer relationship management) software package.

“The natural language capability will help website visitors find material they are looking for more easily, RightNow asserted. Natural language aims to intuit a user's intent through additional clues provided by typing the search query in as a full sentence.

“Q-go's software also includes a number of other natural language processing-based features as well. The Virtual Assistant can hold a conversation with a website visitor. A Web Form Assistant can aid in filling out Web forms, using previously captured information. Another feature, Contextual Online, adds other possibly relevant information to the Web page being requested by the visitor.”

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