Rising Costs Prompt Changes In Business Process

Mark J

Updated · Jan 06, 2011

The outlook on rising fuel costs is worrisome when you consider business transportation costs. This CRM Buyer reports suggest that businesses should focus on the significance of what you'll be paying to get in front of customers to your business and to CRM.

“With the national average for unleaded regular at $3.07 last week — a rise of 42 cents over the course of 2010 — prices are as high as they've been in a couple of years. This would be good news for an ailing economy because increased energy use goes hand in hand with increasing economic activity. But at the same time, runaway fuel prices have the potential to shred your SG&A line and tank the economy once again.

“This kind of cyclical boom and bust is in the offing unless we get a handle on the transportation costs that are such a big part of front-office business processes. You don't need to be told this, but gas prices, diesel and jet fuel prices move in parallel, which just about defines the travel part of a company's front-office business processes.”

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