Ristar Appointed CallMaster Distributor

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Updated · May 10, 2001

CommSoft, a CRM and communications management solutions company, has appointed Rising Star Communications (Ristar) to distribute CallMaster, a telephone management system aimed at helping organizations control telephone costs.

This agreement is non-exclusive and currently only covers the CallMaster product.

Dudley Coetzer, MD of CommSoft, describes CallMaster as "an easy-to-use, PC-based telephone information management tool that allows business managers to capture information regarding the utilization of their telephone system."

The system tracks calls in real-time, generating reports as desired or as scheduled. Incoming calls, outgoing calls, abandoned calls, average ring or wait time and call times are all tracked, down to the extension level. Multiple sites can be linked up to the software, which has an implementation time of "10 minutes if everything is in order," according to Coetzer.

This monitoring has two aspects. Costs can be allocated to individuals and departments and expensive and/or unnecessary calls can be addressed. At the same time new sales initiatives and staff performance can be assessed.

John Windscheffel, MD of Ristar, says that they've been using CallMaster in their own operations for the last five months. "It has more than lived up to our expectations. Additionally, CommSoft has provided indispensable support to our dealers in terms of training and technical advice."

He believes the partnership will develop into a long-term relationship. "We have asked CommSoft to develop country-specific cost code tables, so that we can distribute CallMaster to other African countries, such as Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique and Zambia."

Coetzer states that CommSoft would view any moves up into Africa in a very favourable light.

Telecommunications is a bedrock of modern business, but also of the modern person's social life. This makes a company's telecommunications infrastructure prone to abuse, leading management to acquire tools to track usage in order to address ‘problems' that arise.

We believe these tools should only be used in conjunction with a fair guiding policy, otherwise confusion and poor morale is the likely result.

John Windscheffel states, "With the ever-increasing cost of telephone calls, the ability to manage and control mission-critical workplace tool has become of paramount importance."

Reprinted from InternetNews – International News Archives.

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