Roambi Offers Mobile BI Data

Mark J

Updated · Sep 27, 2010

Roambi ES3 for the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch lets users access detailed views of BI data through integration with major applications from SAP (NYSE: SAP), IBM (NYSE: IBM), Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) and now, Oracle (Nasdaq: ORCL). According to this report on CRM Buyer, the latest product the company has introduced integrates with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g, which debuted at Oracle OpenWorld.

“With a sharp focus on analytics, Roambi ES3 for the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch goes deeper than other mobile apps that offer just an element of BI. Roambi serves up six — soon to be seven — detailed views of BI data: a trends view, a pie view, a high-end drill down navigation view, a table browser, a virtual file draw, and a comparison tool.

“Many mobile apps for CRM tend to deliver comprehensive versions of the original application. For example, one can use the mobile (NYSE: CRM) app on a mobile device to carry out just about any CRM-related function that’s possible using the enterprise version on a PC — from monitoring the pipeline to contacting a lead.”

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