SaaS Analytics Startup Raises $1.15M Funding

Mark J

Updated · Sep 10, 2010

Founded last year by Blaise Barrelet, San Diego-based Anametrix has raised $1.15 million of an intended $2.3 million round from private investors. Also note din this Xconomy news report is that the company is also bringing together some iconic figures from San Diego’s dot-com boom of the 1990s.

“In May, Anametrix announced the appointment of Jerome Rota, the French developer of the DivX video compression technology (and a founder of San Diego-based DivX), as the company’s vice president of product marketing. Last month, Anametrix said the first five members of its newly established board of advisors included Michael Robertson, the founder of San Diego-based, and Gavin Mandelbaum, who founded iBaby in San Diego in 1995 and sold it to iVillage three years later, which he followed with three other Internet startups. Anametrix also named San Diego entrepreneur and investor Neil Senturia; Eric Otterson, a vice-president for business development at the Cooley law firm in San Diego; and Fred Bourgeois, a Bay Area software developer and space exploration enthusiast, to its advisory board.”

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