Sales Productivity Software Startup TinderBox Rebrands as Octiv

Drew Robb

Updated · Jul 27, 2016

TinderBox, a provider of sales productivity software that was profiled in an Enterprise Apps Today article last August, is changing its brand identity to Octiv.

“TinderBox was founded to solve a simple problem with a relatively simple solution. Over the years, however, we’ve matured into a sophisticated platform that solves complex problems and drives strategic value for our customers,” said co-founder Dustin Sapp, CEO of the Indianapolis-based startup. “We’ve invested a significant amount of time over the past few months crafting our brand identity to be consistent with the value our customers receive through our partnerships together. Our new name represents the harmony we deliver throughout the customer experience.”

According to feedback from customers and partners, one of the strongest benefits they receive from the Octiv platform is the ability to bring disparate data sources together and streamline their sales and marketing workflows, Sapp said.

“By bringing our products together into a more unified offering, the companies we partner with can leverage one platform for creating, sending and tracking presentations, quotes, proposals and contracts and gain valuable insights throughout the buyer journey,” he said.

The five-year-old company leverages data from systems such as CRM, CPQ and ERP to automate workflows associated with creating and managing sales presentations, proposals and contracts, while also helping users gain visibility into buyer behavior and interactions with sales assets and documents. Angie’s List, Egencia (formerly Orbitz for Business), Siemens and G/O Digital are among Octiv’s 400 customers.

Octiv’s key value is addressing the challenges and opportunities present at the workflow level, Sapp said. “Octiv enables companies to transform and streamline workflows that make a greater impact on productivity. We’re giving salespeople an advantage over their competitors by connecting people to data with analytics.”

According to Octiv, the branding change comes after a year of double-digit revenue growth. It also increased its internal staff by 30 percent this year, with leadership additions including Shannon Bradley, VP of Client Health; John Ludwig, CFO; John Kwiatkowski, VP of Enterprise Sales; Samantha Haddad-Foster, Talent; and Scott Cramer, director of Inside Sales.

Drew Robb
Drew Robb

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