CloudReplicate Updates Amazon EC2

Mark J

Updated · Dec 02, 2010 CloudReplicate service by Jitterbit enables customers to more easily mirror their data in real time to Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud with a new service. As reported on PC World, the new CloudReplicate service dynamically updates the EC2 database schema as information is changed in, cutting down on work for customers.

“AWPRx, a vendor that manages pharmacy programs for workers-compensation insurance providers, had already been using EC2 to store data, said CEO Jay Roy. The added automation being provided by CloudReplicate ‘is huge,' and vastly preferable to the previous ‘manual, labor-intensive process that didn't work the way we wanted,' Roy said.

“AWPRx is using the data on EC2 in combination with BI (business intelligence) tools from Pentaho to generate the reports it needs, Roy said. The reports are ‘way too complicated for to produce,' he said.”

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