Salesnet Debuts Preconfigured CRM Solution for CustomerCentric Selling

Kevin Newcomb

Updated · Apr 21, 2004

CRM software service provider Salesnet on Wednesday moved forward with its Guided Performance Selling (GPS) vision, launched the first of several planned configuration-as-a-service products, Salesnet CustomerCentric Selling (CCS) Edition.

“By offering a CRM solution that adapts to and reinforces CCS strategies through configuration-as-a-service, we’re helping our customers turn process into profit,” Doyle said. “Customization isn’t about forcing a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach onto customers — it’s about extending the inherent nature of the technology to meet the unique business needs of each customer. Lightweight surface changes to a user interface won’t cut it — today’s customers want comprehensive, easy to adopt solutions, and that’s what Salesnet’s configuration platform delivers.”

Salesnet GPS, announced in March 2004, expands the Application Service Provider (ASP) model by offering three core components — software-as-a-service, configuration-as-a-service and integration-as-a-service.

By using Salesnet’s configuration-as-a-service, organizations get out-of-the-box solutions designed for specific vertical markets or sales methodologies. Users can further customize the product via a new user interface to utilize custom fields, branding, and screen layout capabilities.

It uses a three-pronged approach to improving sales — definition, guiding and tracking, enabling sales organizations to define a blueprint for sales success to guide best selling strategies, and then accurately track on-demand business and customer data to quickly view and analyze sales performance, Salesnet’s Chairman and CEO Mike Doyle told ASPnews.

CCS is a sales methodology developed by CustomerCentric Systems, co-founded by sales guru and author Mike Bosworth. It is delivered globally through its 50 Affiliate team members

Customers who are trained on the CCS sales methodology can now reinforce these best practices through Salesnet’s pre-configured CCS templates, fields, layouts, and activity-based workflow technology. The end result is faster user ramp-up, a more consistent and predictable sales process that drives accurate sales forecasts, better pipeline visibility, improved sales effectiveness, and tighter pipeline management, Doyle said.

“Salesnet’s pre-configured processes easily help us to reinforce our CustomerCentric Selling training,” said Carl Long, CEO of Reams Computer Corp. “By providing our salespeople a roadmap to follow — from contact to contract — we achieve a higher success of closing deals, while on the management side we get a global perspective on sales activities. And by giving our salespeople a common metric and vocabulary to follow through our CustomerCentric processes, we’re able to ensure that everyone has a blueprint for success.”

Future plans include preconfigured editions for other sales methodologies, as well as for vertical industries, Doyle said. “For example, we have several regional banks in our portfolio, and we know how regional banks want to sell to their customer base. When we bring on another regional bank, we’ve got a selling process already built into Salesnet that gets that company up and running quickly.”

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