SamePage Updates Enterprise Knowledge Management Wiki Solution

Mark J

Updated · Jul 01, 2010

eTouch SamePage has announced the release of SamePage version 4.3. As mentioned in the company's news release, this new version offers product enhancements that are designed to better meet the needs of customers using the enterprise 2.0 solution for knowledge management, including content and document management.

“New SamePage 4.3 features, such as a Windows Explorer-like view and WebDAV support, will benefit companies looking for a solution for their collaboration and document-management needs. In addition, new enhancements and plug ins are geared to existing customers and new users who deploy the software as an enterprise knowledge management tool.

“With SamePage version 4.3's Explorer view, users can easily navigate through projects and pages, locate items quickly and manage attachments seamlessly in a familiar user interface. WebDAV support enables users to edit attachments without explicitly downloading them, creating a more simple environment for collaboration and document management.”

Read the Full News Announcement at

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