SAP Executive Discusses Fast Moving Enterprise Software

Mark J

Updated · Feb 01, 2011

SAP (NYSE: SAP) executive board member overseeing technology and innovation, Vishal Sikka, recently offered his perspective on how the important but relatively stodgy world of enterprise software. As reported on InformationWeek, SAP plans to be the leader in a new tnew generation of enterprise applications that will be faster and simpler to write because of fewer moving parts using in-memory technology.

“Based on SAP's experiences with 50 global customers that have been using its new in-memory-technology analytics appliance called Hana, Sikka said, SAP believes it can and should create totally new versions of its applications that incorporate Hana's underlying in-memory technology to accelerate performance by factors of tens, hundreds, or even thousands.

“In a phone conversation late last week, Sikka said this new generation of applications would be not only faster but also simpler to write because of fewer moving parts, and also able to leverage opportunities in social and mobile expectations that are becoming ubiquitous in both the consumer and business worlds.”

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