SAP Plans to Release High-Performance Analytic Appliance in November

Mark J

Updated · Oct 21, 2010

According to PC World, SAP plans to release its High-Performance Analytic Appliance (HANA) in November. Also noted in the report is that the HANA machines employ in-memory technology SAP has been developing for some time. In-memory processing pushes data into RAM, giving a performance boost over reading it off of disks.

“IBM and Hewlett-Packard were already set to supply hardware optimized for HANA appliances, but SAP is set to announce Tuesday that it is also developing ‘co-innovation’ programs with Cisco, Fujitsu and Intel.

“Overall, SAP is positioning HANA as a faster, better way to process data from business applications in real time.

“SAP is also readying a series of specialized applications, including one that utilities can use to analyze data from smart meters, said CTO Vishal Sikka in an interview Monday.”

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