SAP Readies Business Objects 4.0

Ainsley Jones

Updated · Feb 10, 2011

Later this month, at an event in New York, SAP will launch Business Objects 4.0, its biggest BI (business intelligence) release in roughly three years, according to PCWorld. The release promises tighter integration of SAP’s BI business tools with its EIM (enterprise information management) line of products.

Dave Weisbeck, SAP’s senior vice president of BI and EIM solution management, said:

The integration of our [BI and EIM] suites historically had a harder line division between them. There were certainly points of integration, but they were not a single platform as they are with this release.

Business Objects 4.0 will also be accompanied by and fully integrated with SAP Information Steward, a yet-to-be-released product that helps organizations manage, implement and maintain data governance practices, reports. The release will also integrate CEP (complex event processing) technology acquired from Sybase and feature mobility and in-memory database technologies in subsequent updates.

Ainsley Jones
Ainsley Jones

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