SAP Recasts Products and Customer Engagement

Mark J

Updated · Nov 18, 2010

Today, under new co-CEOs, SAP innovation is back and frustrated customers are now excited and delighted. As reported in this Information Week story, SAP this year has totally recast how it creates products, why it creates products, how it engages with customers, how it co-defines and co-develops value with its customers, and what type of strategy it needs to extend its lead as the world’s most successful provider of business applications.

“And today, instead of viewing its customers as merely ballast for its stock price, SAP is engaging with customers in innovative ways that tie SAP’s fortunes to the business outcomes of its customers, provide those customers with the
unparalleled insights SAP has into best practices, and radically redefines the relationship between software vendor and
enterprise customer.”

Read the Full Story at Information Week

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