SAP Value Engineering Offers Rich Knowledge Base

Mark J

Updated · Oct 25, 2010

SAP's Value Engineering aggregates the best practices and hard-earned knowledge and experiences of SAP's 100,000+ customers and then shares those accumulated insights back with the company's global customer community.
According top this story on Information Week, this is one of the fastest-growing pieces of SAP's global business.

“The value management concept is rapidly winning followers among SAP's customers because businesses in every industry, after decades of stockpiling tens or hundreds of millions of dollars worth of technology, are now aggressively striving to find ways to use all of that stuff to increase their levels of performance, to seize opportunities more quickly, to cut unproductive costs, and to extract more value out of their enormous investments in IT in general and SAP software in particular.

“In my opinion, SAP's value management program is the most-advanced effort of its kind and can serve as a template for other leading tech companies to emulate as they make the difficult transformation from IT vendors that sell sophisticated hardware and software to business partners that offer advanced business solutions along with deep-domain expertise and insights.”

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