ServiceNow Rolls out Enterprise App Store

Sean Michael

Updated · Apr 21, 2015

Apple's App Store has been a huge success, selling $500 million worth of applications and in-app purchases in the first week of January alone. More than 1.4 million apps are sold through the store, in more than 150 countries.

Though their success is on a much smaller scale, app stores are also becoming an increasingly popular way to distribute enterprise software. Following in the footsteps of Salesforce's AppExchange – which predated the Apple store by two years – companies like Microsoft, IBM and SAP now sell applications through app stores.

ServiceNow, a provider of service management software, today joined the ranks of companies with app stores, launching the ServiceNow store for paid and free applications and integrations developed on ServiceNow's configurable cloud application platform.

The store features more than 80 certified apps and integrations created by technology partners, solution providers, systems integrators and service providers such as Cloud Sherpas and Fruition Partners. All ServiceNow customers can download and begin using them immediately.

“The store will inspire customers by providing ready-to-run apps for services they might have never imagined they could automate. We hope our customers will feel like ‘kids in a candy store,'” said Pat Casey, vice president and general manager of ServiceNow's Platform Business Unit.

ServiceNow certifies all apps and integrations on the store for performance, security and compatibility on the ServiceNow platform. Application developers determine the price of apps in the store. Customers can buy the apps with credit cards and will be charged in U.S. dollars.

ServiceNow is also providing a Technology Partner Portal for partners interested in selling their apps on the store. The company is promoting the new store and its cloud application platform among developers at its Knowledge15 event taking place this week in Las Vegas, by hosting an inaugural ServiceNow CreatorCon that will feature a series of project-based workshops and demonstration-led breakouts covering areas such as scripting and user interface design.

Initial applications found in the store include:

  • Cloud Sherpas Legal Services App. Supplements ServiceNow’s Legal Service Management Solution with advanced functionality to address unique legal workflows such as research requests, document processing and resource tracking.
  • Cloud Sherpas Security Incident Response App. Monitors and detects security events and routes execution of proper responses. It provides a secure, private work queue for resolving incidents as well as a work stream to enable monitoring teams to quickly parse through alert inputs from sources such as email and Twitter.
  • Fruition Partners LIFT Intake. Offers a single place for all an organization’s calls, emails and self-service submissions for help to be recorded and triaged before becoming incidents, requests or cases, eliminating duplicates and allowing consistent single-step categorization across business units such as IT, HR, facilities and legal.
  • Fruition Partners Telebridge IT Alert Management. Generates voice call alerts for an organization’s IT team via Twilio software, which enables phones, VoIP and messaging to be embedded into Web, desktop and mobile software.
  • MobiChord Mobility Management Solution. Automates mobile device and wireless expense management, driving down support manpower and wireless costs. It enables end-users to manage many of their needs through a self-service portal.



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