Sideware Launches Solution For Advanced Internet Customer Service Staff

Updated · Jan 19, 2001

RESTON, VA–Sideware, a provider of online collaboration customer service solutions, has
announced the launch of its Enterprise Interaction Suite (EIS) 3.0. The company says this will
address the growing market demand for multi-channel customer service.

According to Sideware, the EIS solution is composed of modular components including:

  • Web Collaboration — Sideware Collaboration for live online

  • Email Management — Sideware Email for high-volume email management

  • Computer Telephony Integration — Sideware Telephony for turning call
    centers into web-enabled contact centers

Sideware says these modules are built upon Sideware's Enterprise Interaction Platform, the
suite's integration framework, which is based on an open platform architecture that allows
for easy integration with back-office systems. They say that the solution is available as
either a licensed product or an application service provider (ASP) service and that it
increases customer satisfaction by combining front-end Internet collaboration with back-end
integration features for a more personalized service experience.

Forrester Research predicts that customer contacts received by call centers over the next two
years will move from telephone to web-based channels at a rate of more than 100 percent —
from 17 percent in 2000 to 34 percent in 2002. Sideware says their EIS 3.0 system creates a
scalable, multi-channel solution that can be expanded to meet a company's ongoing customer
service needs as interaction channels change over time. They say the EIS includes phone,
email, and live chat, is designed to equip e-businesses with an array of next-generation
tools, available as single components or as a complete suite.

“The rollout of our EIS 3.0 solution is part of our corporate strategy to deliver increased
customer satisfaction by offering a unified and personalized customer view,” said James
Speros, president and CEO of Sideware. “With its feature functionality, multi-channel
delivery and back-office integration capability, the EIS 3.0 solution allows websites and
help desks to deliver advanced online customer service. With our deployment options,
companies have the ability to use our software in whatever format they prefer.”

Sideware says there are three deployment models available with the EIS 3.0 system are:

  • EIS Licensed Product — This product provides companies with a complete
    eCRM solution that is installed and maintained at their location.

  • EIS Service — The EIS Service delivers online customer service
    solutions to companies that prefer the quick deployment capability and
    low monthly investment of an ASP service.

  • EIS Edition — The EIS Edition is designed for ASPs who want to expand
    their service offering into the eCRM/online customer service space.

The company says, since they plan to deliver customer service from all communications
channels, the next version of the Enterprise Interaction Suite is planned for market release
in the second quarter of 2001. They say the EIS 4.0 suite functionality will be further
expanded to include VoIP, wireless and self-service modules as well as artificial
intelligence, business intelligence and personalization applications that will enable
companies to maximize the value of each customer interaction.

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