Siebel and Experian Join Forces Staff

Updated · Jun 28, 2001

by Staff

Siebel Systems, an e-business applications provider, and information-solutions company Experian, have joined efforts to produce an integrated suite that will reveal a real-time comprehensive view of customers.

“Siebel Systems' partnership with Experian addresses two needs many of our customers have — integrating customer information across multiple data sources, and maintaining current customer information through time,” said Bruce Cleveland, senior vice president, marketing for Siebel Systems. “Through this partnership, our joint customers will achieve a more accurate and enhanced view of their customers, and will realize competitive advantage by better understanding and servicing their customers.”

The strategic partnership will couple Siebel Systems' eBusiness Applications software that enables multi-channel sales, marketing, and customer service systems to be deployed over the Web, call centers, field, reseller channels, retail and dealer networks with TruvueSM — Experian's Customer Data Integration (CDI) technology. Truvue integrates disparate corporate databases and multiple channels to achieve a single view of each customer, using technology that provides real-time access to Experian's vast warehouse of data.

Additionally, the new solution will incorporate Experian's e-series suite of products that enhance, verify and authenticate consumer identity entered into a Web Site call center, or POS (point-of-sale) terminal for online purchases and other transactions.

The combined solutions, designed to deliver packaged applications and services to the financial, communications and retail industries, will seamlessly link Experian Truvue and e-series suite with Siebel eBusiness Applications, providing companies with a single, comprehensive and accurate view of their customers across all channels. Enhanced customer information, such as Experian's demographic profile data, can be incorporated into this single view of each customer. The alliance will also allow for joint development, marketing and sales programs.

“The technology for integrating, verifying and ensuring accurate data is key in driving impeccable customer service and highly targeted, profitable marketing campaigns,” said Peg Smith, Experian's president of strategic business development. “By combining Experian's Truvue and e-series solutions with Siebel eBusiness Applications, companies can expand their business opportunities through a total, integrated program for managing customer relationships.”

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