Siebel Selects Solution Staff

Updated · Dec 11, 2001 Inc.'s Resolution Suite software platform has been chosen by Siebel Systems, Inc. to automate support operations and streamline systems management. Siebel selected the solution for its integration and comprehensive support capabilities, while also acknowledging the expertise of one of its Premier Software Partners.

“We chose because the company has strong knowledge of Siebel Systems' products and expertise with our solutions. As a leader in support automation technologies and a Siebel Premier Software Partner, is uniquely qualified to help Siebel Systems achieve a cost-effective, rapid implementation with great returns for our enterprise,” said Mark Sunday, vice president, IT and chief information officer of Siebel Systems, Inc.

“There's no better accolade than when a true technology leader, such as Siebel Systems, selects our Resolution Suite software to power support for its enterprise,” said Radha Basu, chief executive officer of “By automating key support processes, Siebel Systems can set new standards in productivity and operational excellence.”

The Web-based and scalable Resolution Suite boasts features that will enable Siebel's 8,000 global employees to quickly identify complex computing issues and automatically resolve them. lists the robust functions of the solution:

  • Personalized Problem Resolution via self-service or assisted service – remotely, proactively and automatically. When a user initiates a request for help with a problem, the Resolution Suite automatically collects and analyzes permission-based information about the user, the system and the request, automating the support process. This guides the user or support representative to the right tools and resources for quick, efficient resolution.
  • Smart Support Delivery between any service or support provider and any user, making the support process Internet-based, automatic and transparent. No matter where the customer, partner or employee is, information about the support request is used to connect the user to the appropriate support provider.
  • Unparalleled Business Insight — allowing identification and focus on the most pressing service and support issues. As user requests flow through the system, they are collected in a central database, allowing information analysis and company performance measurement in real-time.
  • Support Portal Hub — a powerful platform that addresses varying support needs via a single point of reference. The Support Portal Hub technology can enable Siebel Systems to intelligently and automatically connect users to the tools, personnel and communication channels that best address their specific support issue.

“By giving our employees advanced support resources and technology, Siebel Systems expects to decrease our overall IT support costs,” said Sunday.

The application can automate systems management functions for the Siebel Systems' IT professional by decreasing the need for employee desk-side visits and addressing increasing support demands. The Resolution Suite software can enable Siebel Systems' IT professionals to automate some of their most common support activities, such as blanket mass-healings.

Based in Redwood City, Calif. with worldwide offices,'s solutions have been recognized and deployed by a number of large organizations. Most recently, the company joined forces with broadband software provider BroadJump Inc. and entered an agreement with IBM earlier this year. Other Global 2000 companies using's software include GE, Cisco Systems, British Telecom, Schlumberger, Sony, CSC, and BellSouth.

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